About Be Your Own Rebbe


What does Be Your Own Rebbe mean?

Be Your Own Rebbe means that you can decide the sort of life that is right for you; you don’t have to run your life the way others want you to. You don’t need a Rebbe, Rabbi or anyone else to tell you the right way to live: you can decide what you want for yourself. Be Your Own Rebbe means that if you want, you can develop the skills, knowledge and experience to make informed and intelligent decisions about your life; and Be Your Own Rebbe is here to help you do that.

Be Your Own Rebbe means that YOU know yourself best, and even if you don’t yet know what to do, there is a wise inner YOU which does know. Be Your Own Rebbe will help you access that.

Be Your Own Rebbe is here to provide you with a forum to get support and information in a way that is safe and confidential. We will provide resources and links which we hope will be of use to you in creating your own life.

Be Your Own Rebbe is also a way of asking questions and getting answers. I can’t guarantee that these answers will be right, but they will reflect my many years’ training and expertise in psychotherapy. I won’t tell you what to do (remember – you, not I, are your Rebbe!), but I will try my best to help you come to your own answers to the questions that you have.

I have many friends in the Charedi community, and I frequently discuss with them those aspects of Charedi life that trouble them – and which they cannot talk about even with their closest friends or family. I provide a way for them to explore the world of ideas and feelings in a safe and non-judgemental way.


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